HOPE FOR CHILDREN’S HEALTH FOUNDATION (HCHF) is a Community Based Organization, Non-profit operating in the Bunyoro region in Hoima District, committed to addressing issues related to HIV/AIDS, Malaria, T.B and other infectious diseases among children, adolescents and their families through campaigns for preventive measures, treatment and vaccinations, advocating and protecting children and women’s rights through provision of prevention and multi-disciplinary intervention in investigation, information dissemination, and treatment of child sexual abuse victims in an environment that is child sensitive, supportive and violence-free. HCHF also promotes general Health and Reproductive Health awareness and other services like Family Planning, HIV/AIDS and access to healthcare services among others.

About the Founder

Founded by John Mwesigwa in 2016 by a group of Social workers and well wishes passionate about children’s health as a CBO in Hoima district registered as a CBO with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development under the Registration Act, the organization’s overall aim is to advocate for the protection of children’s rights with emphasis on girl child education, access to better healthcare services, women empowerment, democracy, and good governance, caring and improving lives of vulnerable children and other vulnerable population.With its headquarters located in Hoima Municipality, the organisation also focuses on lobbying and offering assistance to the needy orphans and their families especially those living with HIV/AIDS. There are many school dropouts, vulnerable orphans, less privileged children and families suffering from domestic violence, a situation that needs immediate intervention.

Our core values:

We commit to the highest ethical standards in all what we do by conducting our activities and decision making in an honest and ethical manner.

We encourage diversity of culture, experience, thoughts and ideas through demonstrating respect for our colleagues and clients through professionalism in our deeds. We also benefit as a team from our differences, where diversity contributes to innovative ideas and drives better results for our clients.

Trust and Accountability
We are committed to providing quality service, delivering on our promises and striving for continuous improvement and being accountable to the people we serve and other stakeholders.

We also maintain open and honest communications with our fellow employees, partners and clients.


We contribute to efficiency and growth of our organization through dedication to teamwork in order achieve our goals.

Scope of Hope for Children’s Health Foundation is committed to three key thematic areas of;

  1. Community Health and Entrepreneurship
  2. Community Mobilization and Sensitization
  3. Advocacy and Good Governance


Human Rights Based Approach

This is a conceptual framework for the process of human development based on protecting and promoting human rights on the basis of international standards. It integrates the norms, standards and principles of international human rights system into plans, policies and processes of development. Therefore, it looks at human rights as benchmarks for development.